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For years, somehow Exercise and Stretching Mats have been exempt from being Sanitized and Cleaned prior to and after member usage. Yet they are the dirtiest, most bacteria filled, infectious piece of equipment used in the gym. Sweat, microbes, dirt and foot traffic are absorbed, and topical filth touch almost every part of the body when being used. The pandemic has taught us so much and especially in the gyms. Most importantly, to protect ourselves when most vulnerable. Complete Member Protection™ begins with Sanitizing every piece of equipment used in the gym, prior to and after usage. More than ever, this very much includes Exercise and Stretching Mats.

The NEW WellnessMats Sanitizing Station makes it easy for members to properly Sanitize FitnessMats. The robust, free standing unit is customizable and houses several configurations of FitnessMats. When hanging, the Mats do not touch. By incorporating any of the most commonly used gym sanitizing cleaners, FitnessMats can easily be wiped and Sanitized before and after member use, offering Complete Member Protection. More information coming soon, to sign up here to receive updates.

Since 1996, WellnessMats, FitnessMats have always met all stringent US Regulations, including the ASTM G21 standard for Anti-Microbial properties. With the sealed, smooth top and bottom surfaces, they have continually been 100% Sanitizable. And Premium FitnessMats are the undisputed leader in Comfort, Performance and Durability in the gym.

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